External Training Resources

Scroll through the list below to find training resources offered by other organizations on a variety of grid integration topics.

Demand-Side Management (DSM) University

Through the International Energy Agency (IEA) DSM Implementing Agreement, the DSM University provides on-demand webinars and other training resources to support reliable, flexible, and efficient energy systems. The webinar series provides information on various demand-side actions, strategies, and policies to support successful grid integration programs around the world.  

Energy Systems Basics Video series

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory, through the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative, produced a series of 6 training videos providing introductory information on energy systems, including overviews of key topics such as transmission, substation, and distribution systems to support renewable energy grid integration.  

Global Atlas Training on Planning the Renewable Energy Transition Using Solar and Wind Maps

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) developed this training module to support policymakers in planning for renewable energy deployment using solar and wind data. The training covers the use of robust solar and wind data and related analysis to set appropriate targets for renewable energy integration with the grid. 

Grid Integration webinars and other training resources through the Clean Energy Solutions Center

The Clean Energy Solutions Center provides a library of webinars and other training resources to support grid integration and renewable energy deployment more broadly. Keyword search allows users to find resources most relevant for specific grid integration topics of interest. 

International Renewable Energy Learning Platform (IRELP)

IRELP, developed by IRENA, provides a number of online webinars to support renewable energy development. Key word search can be used to find webinars specific for grid integration topics. 

Market Participant Trainings from Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO)

MISO offers a large library of trainings to support electricity system planning and operations. Topics include operating reserve markets, resource adequacy, demand response, transmission, real-time operations, and stakeholder processes, among many others. Although the trainings focus on the U.S. market where MISO operates, the information and approaches can be useful for broader applications. 


North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) training resources

NERC provides a number of webinars to support electricity system reliability, performance analysis and standards. In addition, NERC produces technical documents, including the Balancing and Frequency Control technical document, that can be adapted for training purposes. A broader fee-based NERC training program is also available and covers a number of topics related to electricity system reliability standards.

Power Systems of the Future webinar

Based on the 21st Century Power Partnership report, Power Systems of the Future: A 21st Century Power Partnership Thought Leadership Report, this webinar presents a decision evaluation framework and transformative actions to support integration of renewables with the electricity grid. The webinar also presents key lessons learned from grid integration efforts in South Africa and Mexico. 


Renewable Energy for Electricity training presentation

For the International Energy Agency (IEA) 2014 Training Week, training modules were developed to support system integration of renewables. This module covers electricity and renewable energy technology basics, as well as approaches to support planning and operation of the electricity system in higher renewable energy penetration contexts. 

Renewable Energy Integration Workshop materials

The China-US Renewable Energy Grid Integration Workshop held in 2010 included a number of presentations to support high penetrations of renewable energy in the electricity grid. The presentations covering many topics including grid integration studies, interconnection standards, forecasting, balancing area cooperation, and grid code requirements, can be used as training resources and describe lessons and good practices applicable for the global community. 


Renewable Energy Training Program - Module 6: Renewable Grid Integration, Transmission and Distribution

The World Bank’s Energy Management Assistance Program and the International Finance Corporation developed grid integration training materials focused on system operation, transmission, forecasting, energy storage, and demand response. The materials also include case studies for Mexico, Hawaii, and Spain. 

The Power of Transformation webinar and other resources

Based on the IEA publication, The Power of Transformation - Wind, Sun and the Economics of Flexible Power Systems, the IEA produced a webinar and other resources that describe good practices and lessons learned to support transformative grid integration measures. 

Training Center of the PJM Regional Transmission Organization

PJM provides a number of training courses, webinars, and other resources to support grid integration. While the resources are directed toward the northwest region of the U.S., much of the information can be applied in various global contexts.

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