Webinar: South Asia Energy Series - Scaling Grid Connected Distributed Solar In South Asia

Buildout of distributed photovolatics (DPV) is a positive and increasing trend in Southeast Asia, but many technical and policy challenges remain to ensure DPV is deployed safely and reliably. This webinar will cover these challenges at Mar 23, 2021 10:00 AM in Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi.

DPV deployment is providing numerous benefits to Southeast Asian markets, including helping substantially reduce the carbon footprint of power generation in South Asia, empower citizens across the socio-economic spectrum, and expand local PV markets. However, developers must consider issues such as solar quality and safety issues, reevaluation of compensation mechanisms, utility planning, financing and new business models. There is added time sensitivity in DPV development; due to expensive or unreliable electricity, many customers are deploying DPV systems that may be unreliable or present safety issues to the larger grid, rather than waiting for regulatory frameworks and interconnection processes. This webinar will explore these challenges, followed by a deeper dive on the USAID's PACE-D 2.0 RE work on next generation efforts to scaling scale grid connected distributed solar in India. The webinar will also include key takeaways and considerations for the South Asia region.

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Greening the Grid
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