NREL is providing grid integration technical training to energy stakeholders nationwide as well as analytical support for renewable energy development options on Zanzibar

Over the last several years, USAID has supported the development of Tanzania’s first renewable energy solar and wind independent power producers (IPPs) through a pending 350 MW auction. As a complement to this work the USAID-NREL Partnership is providing support to the Ministry of Energy, Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO), Zanzibar Electric Corporation (ZECO), Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority, and other key Tanzanian energy stakeholders on renewable energy analysis, capacity building, and approaches for integrating variable clean energy into the grid. Technical assistance is focused on state-of-the-art technical analysis, local capacity building, and knowledge sharing to help increase stakeholders’ confidence and capabilities in achieving economic, environmental, and reliability goals.

NREL is working with key Tanzania stakeholders, including system operators, planners, regulators, and policy makers, supporting technical capability to integrate large solar PV and wind facilities into the national grid, considering the existing power system context and emerging role of the Eastern Africa Power Pool. In addition to technical training, NREL is collaborating with stakeholders on performing technical analysis or expanding NREL tools for the Tanzania energy sector. 

NREL is supporting greater understanding of opportunities for increased power system resilience on the island grid of Zanzibar through adoption of advanced planning, distributed renewable energy generation, and energy storage technology in support of the World Bank assistance.

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