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"Xcel Model Wind and Solar PPA, Model Semi-Dispatchable PPA and Semi-Dispatchable RFP"
Xcel Energy has released their new Model Power Purchase Agreement for Wind and Solar Generators, their Model Power Purchase Agreement for Semi-Dispatchable Renewable Resources and the Request for Proposals for Semi-Dispatchable Renewable Resources.
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Based on a series of interviews with thirteen operating entities in the Western Interconnection of the United States, this report summarizes practices, lessons learned, and priorities related to the implementation of wind and solar forecasting. The operating entities provided insights regarding cost assignment, forecasting accuracy and uses, data collection, curtailment and outages, probabilistic forecasting, distributed solar production, control room integration, and staff training, among other topics.
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This review examines several wind power forecasting models, including Wind Power Management System, Wind Power Prediction Took, Prediktor, ARMINES, and Previento. These models use physical, statistical, and hybrid methodologies. The authors examine the accuracy of the models and possible causes of error.
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This report examines wind forecasting of wind ramp events and possible metrics to evaluate ramps. The authors compare existing methodologies, including event detection and regression, to assess such ramps and find that additional work is needed to develop forecasting methodologies that are more accurate.
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The Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) commissioned this study of the ancillary services requirements for its system to accommodate up to 15,000 MW of wind energy. The Study evaluates and makes recommendations related to the methodology used by ERCOT to determine ancillary service needs; estimates the impacts of wind generation on the costs of ancillary services; and identifies changes to procedures related to severe weather conditions. ERCOT re-evaluated—and largely validated—the results of this study in a 2013 update.
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These slides describe the Flexibility Assessment Tool (FAST), which can be used to assess the flexibility of a power system. This assessment can help operators address the added variability and uncertainty associated with large-scale variable RE penetration on the grid. The tool specifically enables the examination of flexible generation, interconnection, storage, and demand-side management. Although these slides are intended to describe the FAST tool, they can also be used as a general guide for key steps to assess system flexibility.
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This report summarizes the key changes to power system planning and operations that FERC Order 764 encourages. The authors outline the reasons why traditional electricity scheduling practices may lead to system inefficiencies in the presence of variable RE generation. While compliance costs for renewable energy producers are expected to be minimal, the report estimates that complete compliance by regional transmission operators and independent system operators will take many years to achieve due to challenges associated with cost allocation.
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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission of the U.S. (FERC) Order No. 764 is an example of a regulation that reduces barriers for variable RE by requiring transmission providers to offer sub-hourly transmission scheduling for their customers. The Order also requires new interconnection requests from customers with large variable RE to provide meteorological and forced outage data to transmission providers, in those cases where the provider conducts variable RE forecasting.
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Spanish-language forecasting fact sheet.
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Forecasting is a crucial and cost-effective tool for integratingvariable renewable energy (VRE)resources such as wind and solar into power systems. This fact sheet reviews the key terms and methods for operational forecasting of variable renewable energy generation.
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